tes·ti·mo·ni·al [ tes-tuh-moh-nee-uh l ] :

something given or done as an expression of esteem, admiration, or gratitude.

May 21, 2017,
Happy bday Max Biggaveli! Free the guy. U almost home. Keep your head up this the home stretch!
God bless
May 21, 2017,
Happy birthday player Glad you will be out soon. Enjoy your day baby. Keep it wavy
May 21, 2017,
Peshi Filous
May 19, 2017,
Happy Birthday to the G.O.A.T Max B. Always knew you would be coming home! I've said many times I gotta be your biggest fan from London UK. You inspired me to start writing hooks and melodies! The most influential since Pac but you don't get enough credit! Please don't let them put all that auto tune on your new stuff when you home. The natural sound especially from you is untouchable ?? Porno Muzik 4 when you home? ????
May 17, 2017,
HARTFORD, CT. Waiting for you to touch. Stay Wavy. Be Blessed!